Boost Your Metabolism

Boost your metabolism to burn fat

Boost Your Metabolism to Melt the Fat

There’s another huge positive metabolism boosting advantage to weight training or high intensity interval training and that’s the post-workout metabolism increase.

After an intense resistance training session (or high intensity interval training session), your metabolism will stay elevated for up to 39 hours AFTER the workout!

There is a lot of debate on just how big the metabolic boost is when it comes to post-exercise calorie burning but most studies agree that it happens and it’s important.

With an intense resistance training session you also burn calories during the workout.

Another way to boost your metabolism is by increasing your protein intake.  Your body requires more energy (i.e. calories) to process protein than it does carbohydrates.

Your lifestyle will determine how much exercise you need for the metabolism boost you need to start burning fat.  If you sit at a computer all day you’re going to need more exercise than someone who does construction work all day.  That’s just the way it is.

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Here’s a sample metabolism boosting exercise program

  • Monday – High Intensity Interval Training
  • Tuesday – Weight Training Session
  • Wednesday – Active recovery cardio training
  • Thursday – Weight Training Session
  • Friday – High Intensity Interval Training
  • Saturday – Weight Training Session
  • Sunday – Rest

Active recovery cardio is low intensity longer duration cardio that you see most people do in the gym.  You can also do something simple like taking a long walk outside.  This type of session should last 45 – 60 minutes.

Put all these pieces together into a cohesive plan and you’ll attack a slowing metabolism from all different angles.

You’ll not only prevent your metabolism from decreasing as you get older but you’ll increase it, leading to greater fat loss, more muscle and a healthier, sexier, more energetic you.

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