Can you lose weight quickly?

Lose Weight Quickly

6 Fool Proof Tips to Lose Weight

Unfortunately, most of us want a quick fix to our problems and may not want to put in the time and energy it requires to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. While it sounds good to lose weight quickly and slip into that bathing suit or little black dress we’ve been eyeing in the store, real weight loss takes time.

Think about how long it took to put the weight on in the first place. It probably didn’t go on in 2 weeks and it won’t come off that quickly either.

In some long term weight loss programs, the users will start the first 2 weeks of the program with a quick weight loss to motivate them and potentially increase the ability of the participant to continue through the program.

Depending upon your current lifestyle there just might be tweaks that you can institute which will jump start your diet and help you to lose weight quickly.

  1. Cut out all junk food from your daily diet. Although the donuts, cupcakes and sodas might taste good, they can easily add over 500 calories a day to your calorie load. Just cutting those calories you’ll lose 1 pound a week.
  2. But, cutting sugar from your diet does more than cut calories. A calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie. Sugar calories will boost your blood sugar and spike your insulin. In other words it has a high glycemic index. These calories increase your risk of weight gain more than just the numbers indicate.
  3. Substitute fruit smoothies and other fruit foods for the desserts you used to eat. Yes, they are also high in sugar but they will satisfy your sweet tooth and will be lower in calories. Use a fruit smoothie with yogurt for lunch and you’ll reduce your calorie load and improve your satisfaction level.
  4. Cut back the number of times you eat out at work and bring lunch from home. You will cut calories, save money and lose weight.
  5. Totally clean out your pantry and refrigerator from the foods that you love to eat and may binge on. If it’s not at home you can binge on carrots and celery. These are high in fiber to keep you full and low in calories.
  6. Losing weight quickly will go faster when you burn calories during the day. Try working out first thing in the morning and help keep your metabolism high. Group fitness is a great way to keep motivated.  Burning just 250 extra calories a day plus cutting out 250 calories of food will burn off 1 pound a week. That’s 1 pound a week, long term, every week. That’s 52 pounds a year.

Set your goals.  How much will you weigh in 1 year?

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