St. Clair Shores Fitness Boot Camp

St Clair Shores Boot Camp

Tough workout and ready for more at the St. Clair Shores Boot Camp

St. Clair Shores and Macomb County’s ORIGINAL outdoor/indoor fitness program and only internationally certified boot camp! Michigan Adventure Boot Camp is a special four-week outdoor/indoor  program created to yield maximum results for women of all ages and physical abilities.

Your body will become more fit and toned, and you will gain more confidence by making a dramatic improvement in your physical well-being. The camp program includes exercises designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat and increase stamina. By losing fat and gaining muscle, you’ll lose inches and gain strength while looking and feeling better. Also, you’ll meet great people who share in the same vision of striving to reach their goals for a healthier mind and body.St Clair Shores Boot Camp Women

Adventure Boot Camp understands the needs of the modern-day woman. Whether she is climbing the corporate ladder, a full-time mom, or juggling both challenging roles, or anything in between we know that me-time is in short supply. This is why we offer the early morning classes that generally take place before work hours. This helps to create the time to get in a  great workout with little disruption to your busy schedule.  Boot Camp days are typically Tu-F 5:30 A.M. – 6:30 A.M.  Check the annual calendar for camp dates and times.  Start your fitness plan today.

So if you live or work in the St. Clair Shores area come out and try Boot Camp.  This is an investment in yourself.


St. Clair Shores Boot Camp Trainer

  • Tracey

    About Tracey

    I was bitten by the fitness bug around six to seven years ago.  There was a Boot Camp class that I saw and followed on Facebook.  It was an outdoor Boot Camp and it looked very intimidating!!!!  I asked friend after friend to join with me and each said no.   So....I followed and watched on Facebook and didn’t participate.  In the meantime I joined a gym and was taking some group fitness classes here and there and started to run a bit.  As it turned out, that outdoor Boot Camp was scheduled to hold an indoor class at the gym so I joined due to it being off season.  I took a deep breath and went...BY MYSELF.  That was it!!!  I was hooked.  Not only with the workout, but the people.  I met the nicest and most encouraging people that morning and that seemed to be a trend that followed.  I loved working out, going to classes, and the feeling I had after I left.  More than that, I loved the friendships and the bonds fitness family! With growth, support and experience I found myself as the lead of an outdoor Boot Camp class.  Every Saturday morning we would meet and do workouts constructed by me.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that would happen but I absolutely loved it.  Pushing, encouraging and inspiring people to meet, overcome and crush goals they set one rep, one run, one season at a time!! I am now a certified personal trainer and certified spin instructor with plans to get more certifications. I teach different classes with people of all different ages and fitness levels.  Everyone I have met is so amazing and I love working with and meeting new people, making friends, and developing new relationships while helping people achieve their goals no matter how big or small. I have the best fitness family anyone could ever imagine and it continues to grow and change as I continue to grow, change and learn. I look forward to meeting you, teaching you, and growing with you!!   “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” ― Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

Indoor Location (Mid October-Mid April)

Indoor sessions are at Wimbledon Racquet Club.

Outdoor Location (Mid April-Mid October)

Brys Park is on off Harper Avenue north of 8 Mile Road.  Meet in the main lot behind the Walgreens building.